Crucible Films

Crucible Films

Crucible Films is an independent, Award-winning production company based in Bedfordshire.

Here at Crucible Films we work with a plethora of incredibly talented people both in front and behind the camera. We love every aspect of filmmaking and every day we are one step closer to changing the game.

Whether it is making narrative films for distribution, corporate videos or actor showreels, our aim is to produce the most beautiful product possible and to enjoy the process while doing so!

Take a look below and read up on some of the talented people we have the pleasure of working with.

Our Team

Our dedicated team of professionals are here to help bring your idea to life

Richard Summers-Calvert

Managing Director

Richard Summers-Calvert is an award winning actor, writer, director and producer. Since graduating from the Lincoln School of Performing Arts in 2013 he has been navigating the acting world, taking on roles in theatre, film and television. Most recently roles on CBBC and the feature film ‘Edge of Extinction’.

Richard has a wealth of experience both in front and behind the camera.

Edward Lui

Director of Photography

Edward Lui is an Award-Winning British/Chinese cinematographer best known for his work on our feature film  ‘Drive Me to the End’, for which Edward won the Best Cinematography Award at the Queen Palm International Film Festival as well as his work on ‘British People’, one of 20 films from the ‘Uncertain Kingdom’ Anthology which was released worldwide by Verve Pictures.

Having worked on numerous features and short films, 2019 was his most successful year to date. With two worldwide releases including the release of the award-winning silent film ‘She’s Just a Girl and So Am I.

Tom Anderson

Director of Photography

Tom Anderson is a filmmaker from Cambridge who specialised in cinematography at the University of Lincoln. He has two feature films under his belt as director of photography, one of which played in select cinemas and was later distributed by Lionsgate.

Tom has also worked as a director, having created music videos, promos, and smartphone commercials for various clients.

Mark Kidsley

Director of Photography (Corporate)

Mark Kidsley is our go-to corporate cinematographer.

Mark’s work is dynamic, sharp and forces your interest. For this reason, his expertise lies in promotional videos. He has a keen eye and sharp mind for transforming a company’s message into a bold, memorable statement through his cinematography.

Mark is also adept at filming sports, including and not limited to, professional wrestling all around the UK.

Kate Lister

Actor (Drive Me To The End)

Kate is an Australian based actor and very much a huge part of the Crucible Family. She massively helped with production during our feature ‘Drive Me to the End’ and when she’s not gracing our TV’s she co-runs ‘Little Fish Films’ in Melbourne.

James Westlake

Director of Photography (Hollow)

James Westlake is an immensely talented cinematographer and gaffer who was the DOP on our award winning film ‘Hollow’ written by Helena Prettyman.
James studied at Central Film School London, receiving a BA (hons) and has worked on a number of feature films. He has also worked as the cinematographer on over 30 short films, many of which have been selected for international film festivals such as LA Indie Film Festival, Monthly Film Fest, Miami Independent Film Fest, Tweetfest, Los Angeles CineFest, and Goldensun.

James has also shot for the TV Series, Kingmakers, as well as shooting a vast number of music videos, corporate work, fashion film and commercials.