Crucible Films


Thanks to over 10 years of combined experience between our team, we are able to provide an in depth analysis of your current CV, plus we’re always looking for new actors on our radar for future castings as well as to be brought in for showreel work!

We advise on what we feel we’d be looking for in an actor for our films, what is needed, what isn’t, the layout of your CV (spotlight or otherwise) and your headshots.
On top of this, if you have any existing footage, we can advise on which section to use, the order, for how long and what it specifically tells as casting director or agent.

We’ve been in front of camera and behind camera, both of these journeys have been filled with critique after critique from various casting directors, agents and clients which has led us to have a strong understanding of what the industry is looking for.

Please do send us your CV’s and if you’d like it evaluated and an honest yet constructive response, we’d be happy to help!

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Please note we will be in touch to discuss payment before the evaluation will take place.