Crucible Films


We’ve made award winning feature films that have achieved worldwide distribution and between us have over 15 years experience in front and behind the camera


Crucible Showreels only use top level equipment to allow for that extra level of production value so you can stand head and shoulders above the rest. Production value is everything


Run by artists, we understand income is not always consistent in this industry so we’ve done our very best to make our complete 3 scene cinematic showreel packages affordable


We have multiple locations to hand. From everyday scenes set in kitchens, lounges, and gardens to more unique settings like a grand period garden, a tennis court and a golf course


Crucible Showreels is an independently run showreel company in Bedfordshire, UK. We are dedicated to creating top quality showreels for actors of all experience. We offer a range of services including the creation of 3 scene bespoke showreels, both narrative and commercial voice reels and we even edit existing footage!

The creative minds at Crucible Showreels have spent years both in front and behind the camera. They have had their work judged and scrutinised from every angle. The industry is harsh but you live and you learn and thanks to this relentless critique over the years, the team is battle-hardened and armed with experience and knowledge.

Crucible Showreels know what Casting Directors and Agents are looking for. We even work with these agents to get the best results. We know how VITAL true production value is in helping portray a performer at the level they wish to be seen for.

If you want to be seen for TV dramas and high-end Films, you need footage of that quality to prove yourself. At Crucible Showreels, we provide the tools so you can do just that. From writing the scripts from scratch, all the way to the finished product, we are with you every step of the way to create a beautiful cinematic showreel that is built specifically around you.