Crucible Films


We’ve always had the kit to record impeccable sound, but now we have a booth as-well!

It’s official, our Voice Over studio is LIVE!

We offer 3 scenes for either a Narrative Voice Reel or a Commercial Voice Reel OR BOTH!   Get in touch and let us know what you’re after, what level you’re at, what agency you’re with (or want) and we will work with you to create the perfect voice reel!

3 Scene Narrative or Commercial Voice Reel

What’s your goal? Film? Radio dramas? Video games? or are you looking more at the corporate side of things? Radio and Commercials?
Whatever your goal, we will write 3 scripts, working with different emotions, genres and varying character ages.
Then we’ll polish it all up our end and your new, professional, high-end Voice Reel will be with you within the week!

£169.00 (1 Week Turnaround)

Complete Package
(Both Narrative and Commercial)

If you want to complete your CV and show-off your versatility with both a narrative and commercial showreel then this package is for you.
6 scenes in total, all written around you as a performer.
Let’s give you the very best chance possible to get the attention you know you deserve!